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Hands on with the Surface Connect to USB-C Adapter

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This isn't directly phone-related, but I was interested to see WC's Daniel Rubino get his hands on the new Microsoft Surface Connect to USB-C Adapter. With Lumias using USB Type C for years, ditto the Elite x3 and Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro, along with newer Macbooks and just about everything else in the computer/tech world in 2018, it seemed odd that the Surface Pro 3 and 4 didn't also have Type C support in some official way. This new dock solves the issue, expanding the newer style 'Surface Connect' port into a multi-function Type C jack that can be used for hubs, power, displays, and more.


Jurassic World: Evolution

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It's been 15 long years since Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, and we finally have a true sequel to the dino park sim coming out this summer. From Frontier, devs behind Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster. I am super excited for this game! I love all things Jurassic Park and Frontier seemed to do a good job with Planet Coaster. We should be getting fo very soon, rumored release date is June to coincide with...

Xbox Elite Controller v2 More Information Leaked: Charging Dock, Three Stage Trigger Lock, and More

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It looks like the new controller will be an evolution, not a revolution.

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Objects in Space and the thrill of interstellar trucking

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I love passing the time in Flat Earth's . In fact, I love passing the time in Objects rather more than I love actually achieving things in many other games. An absorbing blend of submarine and space sim distinguished by some decadently throwback interface design, it sees you hauling passengers and cargo across 2D star systems while dodging pirates or indulging in a bit of skyway robbery yourself. These journeys can take upwards of 10 minutes from system jump to system jump, and once you've given the autopilot a heading, there's essentially nothing to do save twiddle your thumbs and luxuriate in the retro ambience of your ship, with its chevron-fringed levers, neon grids and see-saw hum of cooling fans.
You might hop back to your comms room and check your email (best not to do this while the engine is firing, however, as the FTL modem drains power and your reactor can only handle so much in one go - I once managed to paralyse myself by downloading a newsletter in the middle of a braking manoeuvre). You could also turn on the MP3 player for a little light synth, or study the peeling posters in your bunkroom. Or you could click away from the game entirely, leaving it to tick over in another window till a rumble of thrusters indicates that you're approaching your destination. Objects in Space is discreetly composed of tabs, with different parts of your ship (or any space station you're aboard) accessed by hitting right or left arrow. Switching to your computer's desktop feels oddly like a continuation of this: it's as though the very hardware running the game were just another boxy nugget of 80s technology, lodged in amongst the raster displays and light-up buttons that comprise your bridge.
Out now in Early Access, Objects in Space lacks the more obvious grandeur of an Elite: Dangerous - there's no 3D galaxy map, no panoramic third-person view, just a spiral of pixel stars through the comms room viewport - but its grubby pocket of space-time feels every bit as lively as Elite's universe, and no less Dangerous. Each system is aswarm with merchant craft, enforcers, military ships, smugglers and banditos, their interactions tracked by your bridge sensors and hailing screen. Eavesdropping on those interactions is another great way of whiling away the longer voyages. As I write these words, the captain of the nearby Pygmy Giant is having a particularly terrible day - fined for possession of contraband just after leaving port, only to fall afoul of a pirate in the shadow of a nebula.

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Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard Review

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Razer's all-new Huntsman Elite keyboard is the first we've seen to ditch mechanical switches in favor of "opto-mechanical" wizardry. At $200 this bad boy is expensive but oh so glorious.

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Mark Wahlberg is in an Overwatch movie, but it’s not an Overwatch movie

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There’s an upcoming film where an elite, secretive task force called Overwatch is tasked with a mission, and the fate of the world is tied to its success. Yet, astoundingly, this one doesn’t feature Tracer and Soldier: 76 - in their place, you’ll find Mark Wahlberg and Ronda Rousey toting somewhat more current weaponry in these covert efforts.
No, Mile 22 doesn’t actually have anything to do with Blizzard’s hero shooter, but hearing trailers filled with lines like “we are Overwatch” still feels a little surreal. The trailers paint a picture of pretty solid action thriller - those martial arts sequences with Iko Uwais look especially hot - but it’s a little surprising nobody did a Google search before naming the organization at the center of it all “Overwatch.” Especially with plans for a full franchise on the way.
No need to head to a theater - the biggest will come to you.
But then, we live in a world where there’s a Mission Impossible sequel straight-up called Fallout, so I guess nobody in the movie or game industries cares about their counterparts at this point. And, in fairness, maybe we should give a few more nods to the XCOM reboot before putting Blizzard’s vision of Overwatch on a pedestal. mile 22 overwatch
Check out a Mile 22 trailer here.

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Best PC controller 2018

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Want to know what the best PC controller is? We’ve tested all the best current game pads to help you make the decision as to which top plug into your gaming PC.
You could argue you've already got the best PC controller plumbed into your machine when you've got a trusty keyboard and mouse. But, sometimes (and only sometimes) having a specific gaming controller to hand can be quite useful. Whether it’s a great wired or wireless pad, an official or third-party device, having a well-built, comfortable controller can really make the difference to your game. So it’s important you make the right choice.
Pads are great, but it’s also important to make sure you’ve got the .
We’ve checked out the official Microsoft Xbox One and Elite pads, as well as the excellent Sony DualShock controller. But the likes of Scuf and Razer are still making decent alternatives if you’re looking to peacock with a funky design or just want a host of different buttons at your thumbs’ disposal. Xbox One Elite Controller
But there are specific controllers for other game genres too. A flight or space-based sim really demands a quality flightstick, especially one with a separate throttle for those BSG Viper-esque, non-Newtonian dogfights. And if you’re a dedicated racer then a steering wheel, with good force-feedback, can shave valuable seconds off your in-game lap times.

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Elite Dangerous - Commander Chronicles: The Lift Off Trailer

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Take a look at a classic ship that returned in Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter Two, available now.


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