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Marvel Powers United VR Welcomes Villains Venom and Ultron

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The pair are expected on July 26th.

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The Crew 2 takes Forza Horizon's concept and ramps up the scale

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Given absolute freedom to race anywhere you choose, The Crew 2 is one of the most exciting racing concepts on PS4 and Xbox One consoles. For those who missed the original, it hands you a miniaturised version of the USA, from New York to San Francisco, remixed and remodeled for you to freely explore. Four years on, the canvas is now even bigger for this sequel - and to help with that heightened scale, developer Ivory Tower adds boats and planes to an existing warehouse of supercars, giving you more ways to get from state to state. The sense of scale is often staggering - a supersized version of Forza Horizon, if you will - and the idea is realised surprisingly well on all consoles.
Of course, you can bypass all of the game's open-world roaming, and just jump straight to set racing events on a 2D map. It's far more practical, but ultimately it's hard not to experiment with The Crew 2's engine in a more free-form manner, just to see how far it goes. Certainly in my experience escalates to a point I didn't expect going in.
First, there's the breadth of the terrain. Taken at a macro level, the breadth of landmass is a marvel - it's just as much experimenting with this side of the game as the actual racing. The engine gives you all the tools you need to migrate quickly: take a vehicle anywhere in the world, freeze the action, and then zoom out and out until you see a full top-down view. It's like an in-game Google Earth - even letting you walk around to admire your collection of boats, planes and cars. The orbital camera mechanic has similarities to Driver San Francisco - itself an unusual last-gen racer, which let you detach from your vehicle. It's curious to note this was developed by Ubisoft Reflections, who also had a hand on the original The Crew, and you have to wonder if some ideas were carried over between the two projects.

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Top 7 Most Anticipated Indie Games of July 2018

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The Indie Game Website writes: "Oh my word, July is so hot this year in our infamously wet and windy Britain. Our houses arent built for it, our workplaces arent built for it, and like hell if my pasty British body is built for it. For the good of your health and sanity theres only one thing to do, and thats to take refuge indoors eating ice cream with three desktop fans blasting air in your face while you play video games. Here are some of the marvellous indie games on offer to tide you over until the great outdoors is back to its typical tepid cloudiness."


The best game of E3 2018 was a remake, according to the critics

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The Game Critics Awards have named its best games of E3 2018, and the best of the best was apparently a remake. Resident Evil 2 has taken home Best of Show in the 2018 Game Critics Awards, beating out Anthem, Marvel's Spider-Man, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. To be fair, "remake" is a pretty reductive ...]


How Can the Venom Movie Work Without Spider-Man?

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We explore how Marvel and Sony's Venom movie could work without bringing Spider-Man into the picture.

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Assault Gunners HD Edition Arrives On Nintendo Switch This Week

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Marvelous Europe today announced that the mech based third-person shooter Assault Gunners HD Edition will be released for Nintendo Switch worldwide

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Nothing can stop the unstoppable Juggerduck in Cosmic Ghost Rider!

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Clearly seeing the potential for a comic book series starring a Ghost Rider who has a few gears loose on his hellcycle as he rides around a younger incarnation of our cosmos, Marvel is giving the fella a chance to shine in Cosmic Ghost Rider from Donnie Cates and Dylan Burnett. Even better, the series is going to dial up the crazy even further when this Ghost Rider crosses paths with a future version of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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