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Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido Review - GamerKnights

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Full review of a new bizarre puzzle game for Nintendo Switch and 3DS. More: "Like any good puzzler obsessed with matching, such as Bejewelled or Puzzles & Dragons, your goal is to ram similarly coloured stacks of objects in this case plates of sushi and launch them at your opponent in the hopes of defeating them. Whilst the storyline of Sushi Striker is completely out there, the gameplay is, for all its quirks, fairly standard. Before long youre slinging stacks of sushi and having a blast doing so, and I quickly fell into the rhythm of this hyperactive game. Theres plenty of wrinkles that keep things engaging, of course, but the core concept of collecting the same coloured plates in a small window of time and making the biggest combos possible is incredibly addictive."

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