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Nvidia and AMD GPU cryptocurrency demand to rise again... and you can thank mother nature

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Graphics card and ASIC miner orders are to see a sudden short-lived surge due to heavy flooding in the Sichuan province in China. As reported by Chinese-language news outlet, Economic Daily News, the area has been prime real estate for cryptocurrency miners, and is the location of 70% of China’s mining systems.

There have been constant reports over the last few months of graphics card shipments reducing due to lacklustre demand, and that has been great news for gamers finally being able to pick up graphics cards for even less than MSRP. That comes only months after prices skyrocketed due to ludicrously high cryptocurrency values and memory shortages.

GPU pricing seems pretty steady for the time being, and let’s hope it stays that way until new cards arrive. Here are the around.

Various graphics card manufacturers, MSI, TUL, and Gigabyte, all expected massive shipment drops month-on-month, roughly amounting to a . Gigabyte also told investors to expect large drops in demand and average selling price over the next quarter. Genesis Mining GPUs

But that might be changing in the short-term if damage to mining operations is as serious as some reports make out. The flooding has reportedly damaged tens of thousands of mining systems, notes the report via , which has also caused the overall hashrate worldwide to drop considerably.

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Battlefield 5 may be an Nvidia GeForce game now, but AMD ruled the closed alpha

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AMD has won this battle, and Nvidia is going to have to step up its Battlefield 5 optimisations if it wants to win the war. In our testing the RX 580 massively outperforms the supposedly equivalent GTX 1060, despite BF5 now being a bought and paid for GeForce game.
The Battlefield 5 closed-alpha has just closed this very afternoon and we’ve spent a good while playing, killing, capturing, and testing graphics cards. It’s a tough life. The most interesting thing to come out of our closed alpha playtime, however, is just how differently the two mainstream GPUs from Nvidia and AMD perform.
If you want to know what the around is, you know where to come.
In general graphics testing the GTX 1060 and RX 580 regularly trade benchmark wins, but normally only by the slightest of margins. With the Battlefield 5 closed alpha, however, there is a sizeable disparity in performance, with the RX 580 some 33% faster in our tests. That’s not the only bad news for Nvidia either, as the DirectX 12 implementation in the game does its GPUs no favours either. Battlefield 5 AMD and Nvidia performance
It does really look like all the efforts that AMD put into making sure its GPU architecture was catered for, with Battlefield 1 being a flagship Radeon Gaming title, are still paying off with Battlefield 5.

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Best gaming motherboard 2018

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Picking the best gaming motherboard is a vital part of piecing together your gaming PC, so we’ve tested the best Intel Z370 motherboards and mainstream chipsets for you.
It might not have the same performance impact as your choice of graphics card or CPU, but your motherboard will dictate which of either you can jam in your gaming build. And it doesn't stop there, your motherboard will decide what sort of storage drives you can plug in and what memory you can use too. We’ve tested the best boards from Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and ASRock to help you choose the right one to build your rig around.
Take a look at our pick of the , y'know, for contrast.
There are myriad options to consider when you’re picking the best motherboard for gaming. The most important choice, however, is whether you’re opting for an Intel or AMD processor as the beating heart of your rig. Last year team red launched the AMD Ryzen CPU platform, along with a whole new line of AM4 motherboards, making the choice a lot tougher. Best gaming motherboard
We’ve covered the best AMD gaming motherboards in another guide to cater for the CPUs, but, because Intel can still just about claim the absolute best gaming performance from its platform, we're focusing on the different Intel options here.

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How to choose the right AMD processor

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This article is sponsored by AMD.Just as you would build a house, you need a good foundation to buil ...

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The best AMD systems you can buy today

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This article is sponsored by AMD. A trusty companion is the staple of today’s ro ...

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Nvidia SLI vs AMD CrossFire: are the multi-GPU technologies toast?

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If you want to create the fastest gaming PC in the world then you want to jam as many graphics cards as you can inside it, right? After all, if it’s good enough for Summit - the most powerful computer ever made, with its 27,648 Nvidia Volta GPUs, - then surely it’s good enough for your home gaming rig too.
But, outside of five figure PC builds for the spoilt rich kids of Mr. and Mrs. Moneybags there are very few multi-GPU PCs around. When the Steam Hardware Survey was still bothering to measure such things, the percentage of PC gamers using more than a single card was buried behind the decimal points of a big fat zero.
And if you want the best single GPU these are the around today.
So is there any life in the future of multi-GPU solutions or are both AMD's CrossFire and Nvidia's SLI relics of a long forgotten past? As ever, it’s a little bit from Box A and a little bit from Box B… Nvidia SLI vs AMD CrossFire
AMD’s CrossFire and Nvidia’s SLI are the bespoke technologies the two graphics card giants used to get their own GPUs playing nicely together in a single system. Originally both technologies demanded the use of a ribbon cable to connect the multiple graphics cards to each other, but while that is most assuredly still the case with Nvidia’s GeForce cards, AMD’s Radeon GPUs are now able to operate without such restrictions and communicate happily over the PCIe 3.0 interface.

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A New Dawn Nvidia demo - AMD patch

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Guru3D forum user TroudhuK made a patch so that you can try NVIDIA's A new Dawn Demo on AMD Radeon graphics cards.


AMD Catalyst 12.8 XP 32-bit

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Download AMD Catalyst Display Driverfor Windows XP 32-bit

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AMD Catalyst 12.8 WHQL 32-bit

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Download AMD Catalyst Display Driverfor Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 32-bit

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Game Better With AMD

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This article is sponsored by AMD. We love PC gaming (hint, it’s in our name), an ...

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