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78,000 Fortnite cheaters infected by adware

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Nearly 80,000 Fortnite cheaters are in for a nasty surprise, as a bit of adware has been discovered inside a popular Fortnite hack. The fact that malicious software is, indeed, malicious should come as no surprise, but the breakdown of how it’s been distributed is still enlightening.
That breakdown comes courtesy of Andrew Sampson, CEO of game streaming platform Rainway. On June 26, the company found “hundreds of thousands of error reports to our tracker” coming in at once. Those errors all involved calls to various ad platforms, and were sudden enough to be an immediate cause of concern.
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The folks at Rainway found the one thing all the error-reporting users had in common was that they played Fortnite - so, with suspicions about the root of all this, they started looking up Fortnite hacks to find the particular culprit. Among hundreds of programs - many of them featuring their own malicious extras - they found the one causing the error.
After trawling YouTube for popular cheats, they found a hack that promised free V-Bucks and an aimbot as an alluring two-for-one deal. It installed a root certificate on their test device and altered Windows to route all web traffic through itself - as a cybersecurity specialist might call it, a successful man in the middle attack. fortnite hack adware
Rainway contacted the file hosts, who quickly took it down, though not before it had accumulated more than 78,000 downloads. Of the two ad networks they contacted in relation to the attack, SpringServe worked to help identify and remove the “abusive creatives,” while Adtelligent has not responded to those reports.

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Phoenix Point's new early access build is out now, and you can get 15% off

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Update, July 3: Phoenix Point's new backer build is out, and you can get 15% off of your purchase.
Phoenix Point’s second backer build is out today, giving early purchasers a playable taste of the upcoming strategy game from X-COM creator Julian Gollop. If you can’t wait for the game’s full release next year, you can buy into early access with the Luxury Digital Edition, and get 15% off by using the promo code LUX15.
We’re not sure how long that promo code will last, so if you want into the current backer beta you might want to jump on the opportunity before it expires.
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You can prepurchase at the official . The LUX15 promo code can be entered at checkout.
The first of the new features in the newly released build is the game’s fourth class, the Technician. The new character comes with a deployable turret, as well as a brutal melee attack - he can use the mechanical arms on his back to damage and stun nearby enemies. For a more conventional approach, the Technician can also use his Assault Rifle and grenades. Phoenix Point armadillo

Phoenix Point Backer Build Two also brings The Armadillo to the game. The new addition is an armored vehicle with a roof-mounted turret, and is the first drivable vehicle to be added to the game. Characters can access it through a rear hatch, and proceed to drive it around the map, although its sheer size means that there will be a few places it can’t reach.

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Netflix is Now More Popular Than Broadcast, Cable and YouTube for TV Viewing, Survey Says

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Netflix is the No. 1 preferred tv viewing option for adults 18-34.


The Shenmue 1 & 2 remaster release date has been confirmed

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Update, July 3: Shenmue I & II remasters release next month.

Ahead of the release of Shenmue III, Sega has confirmed the release date for remasters of the first two games in the trilogy. The company had previously stated that the two games would be released as a remaster, but the date was initially leaked by a posting on the Microsoft store.

That listing on the Microsoft store stated that the two games (which appear to be relatively simple ports of the original releases) will be available from Tuesday, August 21 in Europe (August 20 in America). The listing also states that the games will be bundled together for a release price of $29.99. That's been confirmed now with a launch trailer, which you can watch at the bottom of this article.

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Shenmue I & II tells the story of Ryo and his attempt to avenge his father, who was killed by of a man named Lan Di. You’ll have access to the first two games in the trilogy, but with an updated UI, a choice of modern or classic controls, and the ability to scale your resolution. For the first time, Japanese audio will also be available. Shenmue 3
Hopefully there’ll be enough in those first two games to keep you busy until the . That game, which was first announced at E3 2015, has already been delayed twice - once into the second half of 2018, and then into 2019.

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Battle for Azeroth's first quests hit the beta this week

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Blizzard is testing the launch of Battle for Azeroth, beginning today. The new World of Warcraft expansion isn’t actually due to launch until the middle of next month, but a test build will hit the beta client later today, giving access to some of the earliest parts of WoW’s new chapter.
Testing begins at 14:00 PDT (22:00 BST) with the arrival of the Teldrassil scenario and the battle for Lordaeron. Those will take place on a new Beta realm called Launch Test, which testers will be able to copy their live characters over to. Once there, you’ll have access to the full storyline, minus a few important cutscenes that Blizzard doesn’t want you to have access to just yet.
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In a post on the (via ), community manager Kaivax says that that same realm will be updated on Thursday July 5 “to test the subsequent events of the actual launch of BAttle for Azeroth.” To get access to that test, beta testers will need to have completed the Lordaeron scenario before it goes live. Assuming they’ve done so, testers will then be invited to the expansion’s first test. WoW Battle for Azeroth

Kaivax says that the purpose of the test is “to check for bottleneck issues where many players are competing for the same resources,” as well as allowing Blizzard to monitor for server issues. With that in mind, don’t expect this to be the smoothest WoW experience you’ve ever had.

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Craft a superhero Epic in the Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge

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If you divide your passions equally between Fortnite and filmmaking, then boy do Epic have the competition for you. The Fortnite Blockbuster challenge was announced last night, letting players put their filmmaking skills to the test for the chance to win in-game prizes and a healthy portion of V-Bucks.
Given the superhero theme of Season 4 (which is due to come to an end in a little over a week), it’s not surprising that the focus of the challenge is to create a superhero narrative. As Epic themselves put it, “every hero needs a story.”
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Using the replay system and a healthy selection of superhero skins, players will have to create a film between one and five minutes long. It’ll have to highlight the superhero nature of its characters while telling an original story (so no Thanos, I guess). You’ll also have to capture the tone of Fortnite, as well as show off how well you can use the replay system. Fortnite Blockbuster
You won’t be allowed to use copyrighted audio, and submissions must not have narration or on-screen text, but beyond that, it seems that you have free reign over your creation. Once complete, you’ll have to upload your film to YouTube, and email it to Epic by 23:59 ET on July 11. You can read full instructions .

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Fortnite player wrecks rocket launch viewing party and sets a new solo kill record

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Fortnite’s rocket launch was a once-ever event, and players throughout the game were quick to call truces and hold viewing parties in order to see the rocket live. But not everyone wants to abide by the social contract, and one player took the opportunity to set a new solo kill record by offing a bunch of hapless rocket-watchers.
During one match, players joined forces to build a massive ramp for the best possible angle to see the rocket. One player, by the name of Elemental_Ray, chopped out that ramp from underneath, sending over 40 players to their untimely dooms. Elemental_Ray ended that match with a total of 48 kills - a new all-time kill record for a solo game.
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Now, I don’t want to cast too many dispersions since I’m not especially good at Fortnite, but Elemental_Ray isn’t a particularly notable Fortnite player, either. He’s got a 1% win percentage according to , and apparently had a K/D ratio of just 0.47 at the time of his record - though that’s improved to 0.81 since the 48 kill match. He didn’t end up winning this one, either. fortnite solo kill record
Naturally, not everyone’s happy about the method by which the record was achieved, but Elemental_Ray appears to be enjoying the newfound fame. He’s started a Twitch channel and now proclaims himself “THE MOST HATED MAN” in the game via his profile. (And he did at least wait for the rocket to land before knocking the ramp down.)

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Mario Gets His Hands On the Infinity Gauntlet

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The Mushroom Kingdom will not be feeling too good after this. Mod download: Check out more awesome mods here:

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Fallout 76 will have radiant quests

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Fallout 76 is going to offer an array of things to do, and that means the return of Bethesda’s radiant quest system. In addition to the handcrafted quests, you’ll also have an array of generated errands to go on as you make your way in the wastes so you never run out of stuff to do. Or settlements to help.
In previous Bethesda titles like Skyrim and Fallout 4, radiant quests have been goals distributed by certain NPCs, which give you simple tasks in exchange for straightforward rewards. That might be clearing out a bandit camp or, yes, helping another settlement, and while these objectives might get a hair repetitive they at least keep you supplied with things to do.
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Todd Howard tells German outlet - coming to us via - that will include both objectives in the radiant system as well as the hand-crafted missions we might hope for. 76’s multiplayer focus means that players will need an even bigger variety of repeatable content, so radiant quests will fill an important role there. fallout 76 radiant quests
Get some more details on what we know about Fallout 76 below.

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Flightsimlabs installer has malware

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Flightsimlabs founder has admitted that their game has a Chrome password dump tool use to catch pirates in a thread on the official FSL forum. He says that the dump tool is extracted during installation (deleted afterwards) and only run on installations with pirate serials. First heard about the problem in a youtube video where FSL was said to be threatening libel lawsuits on redditors who spread word...

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