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Valve has made a new Portal demo

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Valve has returned to the world of Portal for Moondust, a brand new virtual reality demo. Working for Aperture Science's Lunar Resources Initiative, you are sent into spaaaace to construct a modular space station, and then down onto the Moon itself for further testing.
Moondust is a sandbox experience designed to show off the Knuckles EV2, Valve's latest VR controller. Specifically, you'll be manipulating objects using the device's pinch grip technology and ability to finely detect hand poses and movement.
On board with that? Then you'll be crushing moon rocks, driving a moon buggy, building things and lobbing items onto targets in no time.

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HTC VIve Pro bundle price isn't any better than its standalone

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The HTC Vive Pro is an expensive headset and with (somewhat) good reason. It's the highest resolution virtual reality...

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The HTC Vive Pro's resprayed blue controller bundle costs nearly 3x that of the original Vive

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The Vive Pro is finally available as a completed kit with all the bits you need for immersive gaming - for only $1,400 / £1,299. Ouch. This “professional-grade VR” headset launched back at the end of April, however, until recently had only been available as a standalone headset for $799.

Gamers had high hopes for the Vive Pro back when it was first announced. The Vive has been around for quite some time and was in need of an upgrade. Enter: the Vive Pro… sort of. With a modicum of visual fidelity improvements, improved ergonomics, integrated headphones, and a huge bump in price, the Vive Pro fell short of expectations. And so, with that, it was back to basics or modding the original Vive for yourself.

Need some serious graphical grunt to power your virtual reality headset? Here are the on the market.

The new and improved headset didn’t even come with all the kit necessary for room-scale tracking or come with any controllers in the box. That’s despite the higher price tag than the all-inclusive first-generation Vive headset package all in, with all the extras included, and a wireless adapter. HTC Vive Pro full kit

But HTC has now completed the top-end setup. The Full Kit comes with two Steam VR 2.0 base stations and two matching Vive Pro blue wand controllers for / .

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VRFocus Talk To Dream Reality Interactive About Arcas Path VR

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Learn more about this upcoming colourful virtual reality title.


HoloSuit promises full-body VR tracking and haptics by November 2018

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If you've ever felt that your body would be a better controller in virtual reality than a joypad or wand, you'll understand why Kaaya Tech's HoloSuit just reached its funding goal on Kickstarter.

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Video: Skydance shows off Archangel: Hellfire’s chaotic multiplayer mode

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Virtual reality didn’t take off the way some people expected it to. But developers like Skydance Interactive know that in order to thrive in this space, you have to be patient -- and listen to your fanbase.

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Virtual Reality Music Experience Riff VR Heads to Steam

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VR musical rhythm title releases alongside AR smartphone companion app.


Skyrim patched to improve PlayStation VR visuals

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If you've spotted a new update to Skyrim on your PlayStation 4, then it'll be the game's virtual reality version getting a belated bit of visual polish.
Skyrim for PlayStation VR's new patch - numbered - is the first to arrive since January. It adds "a new main menu experience" and "globally improved visual fidelity, especially on PS4 Pro".
If you're playing using PlayStation Move controllers, you'll note a few new options for your suggestively-shaped wands. Notably, you'll be able to shuffle backwards using the secondary X button, and the ability (now enabled by default) to "show hands when sheathed". Blimey.

VR makes me feel sick, but The Persistence does all it can to help

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I'm a VR sceptic. If you've read , you'll probably have picked that up. I have a lot of issues with virtual reality as it relates to video games, but chief among them is it makes some people feel sick. Some people like me.
I've tried many VR games, and they all - eventually - make me feel sick. So sick, in fact, that I have to take the headset off sharpish for fear of chucking up into my lap.
So when I found myself faced with playing The Persistence, a new PlayStation VR first-person stealth horror roguelike set on an abandoned spaceship, it's safe to say I was bricking it.

Afraid of bear attacks? This VR simulator might help you survive

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Learn how to thwart different kinds of bears from eating you for lunch with this new virtual reality training program.

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