Monday, 24 February 2020
Two-and-a-half years later, Street Fighter 5 gets loot boxes

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On 25th June Street Fighter 5 gets a big new update - and part of that is the addition of loot boxes.
The loot boxes have to do with Survival Mode and a new system called Fighting Chance. Menat, one of the playable characters, has opened up a shop to tell you your fortune. Spend 500 Fight Money, the in-game currency, and you get a Fantasy Fortune Reading, which Menat helps you decipher. These readings are the loot box: they contain multiple items, including some exclusive to Fighting Chance.
Items include Battle Goods, which increase your chance of completing Survival Mode, new colours only available from Fantasy Fortune Readings, classic pieces of Street Fighter art from across the series, and, to the consternation of the Street Fighter community, rare costumes only available via Fantasy Fortune Readings.

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