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Is Beyond Good and Evil 2 more ambitious than Star Citizen?

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Red Bull Games Australia takes an in-depth look at Beyond Good and Evil 2 from a behind closed doors session at this year's E3 and throws in some comparison to another major space title full of similar ambition in Star Citizen and writes: "Theres an impressive video that was released a while ago showcasing the true geometry and real-time finesse required to understand, and master, Star Citizen, of a planetside entry, ship-landing and then third-person exit into a fully populated interior. And theres no question this was an impressive display of raw design and technology. But the content we saw behind closed doors at this years E3 for Beyond Good and Evil 2 easily trumped that. Largely because Beyond Good and Evil 2 isnt taking its space-faring overly seriously. Theirs is an action-RPG sci-fi future where rules can be written on-the-fly to accommodate artistic vision and fun gameplay..."

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