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Don't get your hopes up for mods in Skyrim Switch

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From Eurogamer: "It sounds unlikely The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim on Nintendo Switch will ever have a Creation Club for accessing mods as it does on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One."

NA PlayStation Store Gets A Massive Mid-Year Sale, More Than 780 Games Discounted

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Sony is offering a massive mid-year sale this week on the North American PlayStation Store.


Shenmue I & II launches August 21

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Shenmue I & II will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 21, publisher Sega announced.


In Theory: Will there be more than one next-gen Xbox?

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It was the E3 where we half-expected Sony to break cover with its plans for the next generation of PlayStation hardware, but come the hour, it was actually Microsoft that confirmed that its hardware engineers are hard at work architecting what Phil Spencer called "the next Xbox consoles". Implying that more than one new Xbox is in development right now is an interesting - and dare we suggest, deliberate - choice of words.
This was swiftly followed up by a report from Microsoft/Windows-focused website, describing a 'family of devices' currently in development under the 'Scarlett' codename, set to arrive in 2020. Thurrott's insider stories along these lines are typically well-sourced and the timelines tie-in with the arrival of the technological building blocks that will enable next-gen hardware. But with Spencer talking about new hardware in the plural and the Scarlett project reported as more than just a single console release, we have to wonder what form the next generation is going to take, and what separates each of these machines from a technological perspective. After all, in the here and now, Microsoft often refers to its Xbox One 'family' - similar devices in many ways, but with radically different levels of rendering power.
There are further strands to weave into the discussion here, with Spencer revealing his annual E3 interview with . It's well worth a watch, with the Xbox boss seeing next-gen as an opportunity to focus on higher frame-rates and to leverage the firm's existing work with variable refresh rate and 120Hz display technology. Spencer also sees the arrival of new hardware as the means by which CPU and GPU power can be rebalanced line with what we see on today's PCs, as opposed to the situation we have now where even Xbox One X - the most powerful home console - is pairing a six teraflop GPU with low-power x86 CPU cores originally designed for tablets.

From: https:

Atari’s classic Tempest gets new lease of life

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"Just one more go" was a true statement of the arcade classic Tempest, so it's apt that Tempest 4000 gets "one more go" with a new lease of life on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Releasing this summer – July 17 – for $29.99, the classic vector based arcade game is getting an overall of bright neon retro vibes. “Modern home consoles are the descendants of arcade gaming,” said Jeff Minter, Executive Producer of Tempest 4000 and founder of Llamasoft. “We wanted to bring the classic arcade experience into players’ homes, so both franchise legacy fans and new gamers can test their mettle.” With over 100 levels to beat, Tempest 4000 includes Classic, Pure and Survival game modes set against a ‘retro techno soundtrack'.


Detroit: Become Human Walkthrough - Good Ending: Battle for Detroit (2/3)

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This is IGN's video walkthrough for Detroit Become Human on PlayStation 4.


Detroit: Become Human Walkthrough - Chapter 30: Night of the Soul

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This is IGN's video walkthrough for Detroit Become Human on PlayStation 4. This is for the chapter of the game that has Kara protecting Alice, while Connor gets closer to Jericho.


Detroit: Become Human Walkthrough - Chapter 29: Crossroads (1/2)

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This is IGN's video walkthrough for Detroit Become Human on PlayStation 4. This is for the chapter of the game where Jericho becomes the focus of everything. Marcus must make choices to help the androids, while others do what they must to continue forward.

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